The COVID-19 pandemic focuses attention on the honored professionalism of clinicians and other health care workers. It also draws attention to the need for health care delivery to reliably and equitably achieve its purpose of helping individuals and families attain better health. With these dual spotlights, comes the opportunity to redefine care in ways that consistently delivers excellence – better outcomes for patients and families, and enduring support for health care professionals. A key lever for this change is measuring what matters most to both patients and the clinicians caring for them.

In this webinar, leaders from the University of Texas at Austin’s Value Institute for Health and Care—Professors Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD, ME and Kathleen Carberry, RN, MPH—will discuss why a more holistic approach to measuring patient and family outcomes, as well as clinician well-being, is crucial to achieving better health for patients and restoring joy to clinical practice for health professionals.

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