This special 75-minute MAPS Global Town Hall focuses on the challenges that are arising from the global Covid-19 pandemic and the emerging opportunity for Medical Affairs to provide strategic leadership. Through patient-focus and peer-to-peer relationships with HCPs, Medical Affairs professionals have a unique role in ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines, vaccines and medical devices, and are also positioned to bring invaluable insights from the field into ongoing R&D.

Evidence Generation and Dissemination are key domains within Medical Affairs that guide policy-makers to aid society by improving health care. As the pandemic has shown, robust Evidence Generation and Dissemination is crucial when medical professionalism and scientific excellence are challenged by the pressures of politics, economics and time. How can the role of Medical Affairs be strengthened and expanded to maintain quality in a rapidly evolving clinical environment?

Join this Town Hall for insights on Evidence Generation and Dissemination from industry-leading experts. Submit your questions to our panel of senior Medical Affairs leaders to explore the ongoing challenges for field and clinical research. Follow-on Webinars will consider the role of other Medical Affairs domains including Capabilities Development, Insight Generation and Field Medical Affairs. This series will equip MAPS members with the tools to fulfill the opportunity for Medical Affairs strategic leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

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