Managing drug launches is a complicated process. Life sciences organizations have data coming from multiple/new sources that need to be integrated quickly. Plus, there are a variety of influencing parties, such as sales, marketing, managed markets, finance, manufacturing, and external parties, that must be well understood. The industry continues to face high onboarding time, high cost of change for new product launches, and even higher cost for the external onboarding process. This problem of time to market further intensifies as companies lack business insights to measure field performance on various KPIs and don’t even have the visibility on the patient outcome for rare disease drugs. This session provides deep insights into the complicated process of managing drug launches that pharma companies are facing across the world and how a differentiated offering can help them overcome these challenges to drive improved business outcomes.

  • Get a comprehensive view of the current challenges the industry faces managing a launch
  • Learn about a fully managed services solution that provides companies with a comprehensive suite of persona-based modular solutions to drive business outcomes, and unlock new frontiers of revenue and cost plays
  • Understand how a combination of deep domain, advanced analytics, real-world data, and technology expertise helps drive commercial transformation
  • Hear how a top 10 pharma company drove optimal results on their commercial investments

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