In this webinar, we’ll be joined by account management staff from different agencies to talk about their own journeys into MedComms and their current roles, the day-to-day working life of account managers, training opportunities and career prospects. The panellists will all been profiled in the new issue of our annual careers guide, “The business of medical communications: a guide to getting started in account management”, which will be published January 2021.

  1. Questions from the audience will be welcomed.
  2. It should be of interest to anyone who is looking for insights in to MedComms as a career and how to maximise their chances of gaining an entry level job.
  3. The webinar is free of charge and, all being well, a recording will be posted afterwards at
  4. Note we are allowing 60 minutes for the webinar and we always aim to finish promptly on time.

Click here for additional information and registration details.

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