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Having inherited a handful of drug cost-cutting final rules proposed by the Trump White House, the Biden Administration has put forward a series of its own drug pricing initiatives even as Congress is poised to act on legislation containing key drug cost- cutting policies relating to Medicare & drug prices more generally.

Title Index:

– Background on prescription drug pricing issue
– Biden Administration reaction to Trump era drug pricing rules
– Impact of Biden White House executive order for reducing prescription drug prices
– Analysis of Biden call for Congress to cut drug costs including having Medicare negotiate drug prices
– Overview of HHS Drug Pricing Plan
– Review of key state actions impacting drug prices
– Senate finance committee principles for lowering drug prices & pending drug pricing bills in Congress
– Legislative status of infrastructure and budget reconciliation bills having drug pricing provisions.
– Pharma reacts to federal initiatives on drug pricing.
– Analysis of dynamics shaping federal actions on drug pricing in 2021 plus outlook for year ahead

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