Scoring well on your Pharmacy Part D measures usually leads to success on your overall STAR score for your Health Plan. This one hour Webinar will help you refocus on your successful Part D measures and collect new ideas on how to improve the score your struggling Part D measures. Star Measures to be reviewed include:

  • Adherence – Make sure your pharmacy benefit design is member friendly to improve refills on this group of medications
  • Opioid Usage – What is your plan doing internally to help educate members and providers about opioid prescribing
  • Statin Use – With a Diabetic patient – How is your plan educating members and providers about the importance of being on a statin and to dispel the “myths” about being on a statin
  • MTM – learn how a successful “hybrid” MTM approach improves Star Measures plus increase member satisfaction with the health plan

Time will be available at the end of the Webinar for participants to share ideas on success and how to improve on areas that can be challenging to improve.

Click here for additional information and registration details.

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