There’s no shortage of hype when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. But what’s the point of shiny new tech if it doesn’t actually work?

This webinar will recap what AI really means, and will provide specific tools to help you assess AI solutions for your organization. Additionally, we will explore the impacts that AI can have on virtual care during COVID-19, where one of the biggest challenges is building and sustaining clinical relationships with large and diverse patient populations, even while most relationships must remain completely digital. We will provide examples of how innovative plans and providers are scaling outreach and strengthening relationships with 10,000+ patients, identifying clinical opportunities to close gaps in care and steer patients to telehealth with AI-enabled care teams.

During this webinar, attendees will learn to:

  1. Assess and select solutions that purport to use Artificial Intelligence to determine the quality and viability of the underlying technology, and the applicability of that specific AI model for your organization.
  2. Project the quantitative financial impact of population-level engagement during the accelerated shift to virtual-first care.
  3. Rank and prioritize investments in “force multipliers” to augment high-priority focus areas and scale the reach of clinical staff.

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