2020 has shown us change, whether we like it or not. The fundamentals of what delegates look to get out of any conference/congress have not changed. Yet, as an industry it could be argued we’re still clinging to the comfort of the well-trodden congress path from the analogue era. Convention has bound us all to recreate the same, mimicking annual congress experience and structure; rather clumsily slapping it into a digitally remote setting. As a result, the value proposition has changed for all concerned. This workshop will share proprietary quantitative and qualitative research, and will shine a light on the divergent perspectives of audiences associated with congress and the new challenges we face as an industry (HCPs, pharma, societies, PAGs/patients, academia).

The following areas will be covered:

  • Pros/cons from each audience perspective
  • Is virtual is here to stay and if so, what does that look like?
  • What is a hybrid delivery – will it work?
  • How important will the technology and platform be? How best to crack open the barriers for future success?
  • The change in the F2F and digital journey of a delegate’s congress – are our traditional KPIs and moments that matter interchangeable between settings?
  • Is this an opportunity for real change and factor in the many questions around effectiveness of the ‘old’ format? Are there too many congresses? Is open access to scientific information the better way forward?

This thought-provoking workshop will conclude with hypotheses on new prospective business models for congresses to be successful and relevant in this disrupted era.

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