As the industry transitions to a new clinical paradigm, a successful move requires that we understand the long-term effectiveness of the rapidly deployed virtual initiatives, as well as continue to innovate and improve patient and site experiences. Only then can we drive better efficiencies and outcomes based on these insights.
In our latest webinar, we’ll be exploring the changing paradigm of study conduct to enable decentralization of clinical trials, both for patients and sites, and why it has permanently changed the paradigm for clinical execution.

Sharing their expertise will be:
1. Craig Lipset, Adviser and Founder, Clinical Innovation Partners,
2. Irfan Khan, CEO, Circuit Clinical,
3. Rosamund Round, VP Patient Innovation Center and Decentralized Trials, Parexel
4. Anthony Costello, President Patient Cloud, Medidata

This exclusive discussion will cover:
1. Why you must define the “virtual clinical trial” around patient participation now to ensure long-term benefits to experience and outcomes
2. How to streamline clinical timelines by implementing end-to-end virtualizing technologies to unify your platform approach
3. The impact of decentralizing technologies on sites and how to ensure you’re ready to partner with changing future operating models

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