Events of the last 12 months have driven the pharmaceutical industry to more comprehensively examine how it can address ethnic and racial disparities in health outcomes and clinical research access. It is well accepted that diversity of clinical trial participants is essential to ensure that the trial population is truly representative of the patients who will use the therapy, yet disparities in clinical trial participation remain. A multi-faceted approach is required to understand the critical barriers to clinical research access for patients from diverse backgrounds.

During this thought-provoking webinar, our panel of internationally renowned Patient Advisors and Diversity Experts will share their perspectives on diverse representation in clinical trials and key barriers to research access, and explore solutions to address these critical issues.

This program will:

  • Present expert perspectives from patients, physicians, and industry on a current and critical issue that is of concern to the Medical Affairs community and the broader pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
  • Summarize potential solutions that involve collaboration across industry and effective partnership with patients and patient advocates

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