The term “Digital transformation” is becoming increasingly applied within Medical Affairs. Medical Affairs professionals have been tasked with reimagining engagement with healthcare providers and patients, with a goal to be customer-centric by improving experience, individualizing content to specific needs, and providing multichannel access to information when and where the user wants it. All of these goals can only be met using digital tools as part of the insight-gathering process to understand the customer’s needs and as part of the channels that disseminate relevant information efficiently.

In this webinar, we have assembled leading industry experts to discuss various facets of preparing your organization for digital transformation.

Monicca will begin the discussion by providing a rationale for digital transformation in Medical Affairs. How have our challenges evolved, and what are the benefits of addressing them in nontraditional ways, particularly through digital solutions?

Leslie will discuss the 5 key tenets of digital transformation that any organization considering this journey must undertake

Raj will provide a case study of the early stages of the digital transformation journey at large pharmaceutical companies, challenges that often arise, and ways to mitigate them

Michael will provide a case study for initiating digital transformation at small pharmaceutical companies. He will discuss best practices for establishing vision, what to initiate with, and ways to maximize impact


After this webinar, participants will be able to

(1) Understand how to commence a digital transformation journey within their Medical Affairs organization

(2) Predict and mitigate challenges that may arise during the digital transformation journey based on size of their organization

(3) Understand how to maximize impact of digital tools by designing them to meet a defined purpose and business challenge

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