At FDA’s request, the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA (the Foundation), in collaboration with Friends of Cancer Research (Friends), launched the COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator. The Evidence Accelerator convenes experts in health systems research, regulatory science, data science, and epidemiology to rapidly collect information related to real-world studies of COVID-19. This fast-paced exchange fuels the rapid development of master protocols to evaluate the multiple treatments or multiple tests in multiple sub-populations, both in parallel and in quick succession. Master protocols enable parallel analyses of the same question across different data systems to quickly test the reproducibility of results.

A critical early result of the Evidence Accelerator is a characterization of the natural clinical history of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients—foundational to ensuring informing testing performance, appropriate treatment, predicting immunity and humoral response; and potential changes in the current characterization of COVID-19 that may be related to future viral mutation. Join this webinar to hear the learnings—both methodological and clinical—of this first question set of the Evidence Accelerator and learn about the next steps in the therapeutic space and diagnostic/serological testing space.

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