The current pandemic has forced us to recognize the weaknesses of our current social, economic, and healthcare systems and rethink the way we measure value. As the world approaches a new normal, there is the need and opportunity for manufacturers to rethink the way they develop evidence, price drugs, and commercialize products for customers whose needs and perceptions regarding economic and clinical value have been forever transformed.

This webinar will explore why a return to “business as usual” is a recipe for failure, and how organizations across the healthcare ecosystem can adopt new strategies and business models to serve the needs of patients in a post-pandemic world.

Featured Topics

  • What important market shifts that were already underway before the pandemic were or are going to be accelerated by the pandemic?
  • If the current pandemic has indeed transformed the way we think about healthcare value and access, what opportunities lie ahead for a re-configuration of the healthcare system? What challenges do we need to overcome? (financial, logistical, regulatory, societal, etc.)
  • To remain successful, how can and should companies negotiate the complex dynamics of this transformational change?
  • What could a new commercial model look like?

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