The methods, assumptions, and inputs to Value Assessment (VA) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) are an evolving debate in the US, as we seek to balance questions of population health-driven resource allocation with the unique needs of health system, employer, payer, and societal decision-making and the emerging science of patient heterogeneity and precision medicine. COVID-19 amplifies the challenge to identify and prioritize the methods that should be developed and applied across interventions, including diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines.

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to

  • Discuss the key methodological challenges in VA/HTA for health technologies to treat or prevent COVID-19
  • Evaluate the key value elements that should be considered, and their interactions in VA/HTA
  • Identify and prioritize the readiness of specific methods to address challenges in VA/HTA for COVID-19
  • Identify specific steps to engage various stakeholders to collaborate in tackling these challenges

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