You have terabytes of data, a cloud platform and a data lake. But what you really need are answers to questions that will guide your company’s portfolio decisions, clinical research programs, on-market commercial optimization, and fundamentally the impact you are able to have on patients’ lives. You are not alone if you feel there is a missing link between your data technologies and your goals. A data lake is a great first step to transforming real world data into real world evidence that can be trusted to make critical decisions that drive forward the life changing therapies that you bring to patients today and tomorrow. During this webinar, hear from three industry leading experts on why we all need to think ‘beyond the data lake’!

The ex-CTO of Kaiser Permanente, ex- Data strategy leader of Merck, AWS Cloud Life Science leader and the LS product leader from Innovaccer will discuss

How dangerous is it to plan data strategy for today or even yesterday? Do we believe that inputs into the EDC systems or outputs to the FDA will remain static over time?
How AI/ML will be critical to keep pace with data ingestion, normalization, analytics and insights generation and next best action recommendation?
What are the necessary steps in ensuring that your data strategy is resilient and will not require a rip and replace the next time there is a major change of standards and regulations?
Featured Speakers

Mike Sutten
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Sutten is Chief Technology Officer at Innovaccer. He joined the company in 2019. Prior to Innovaccer, Mike served as CTO and Senior VP at Kaiser Permanente and led initiatives on analytics, cloud, data storage, and mobile technologies. He brings a career of leadership experience in information technology with Fortune 500 organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Koch Industries, Sybase, and General Electric. Mike also served as the Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer within the Central Intelligence Agency where he was recognized for exemplary leadership and service.

Rob Dribbon
Advisor and former leader, Strategy and Innovation
Merck Alliances
During his career at Merck, Rob Dribbon held a wide range of roles in areas such as strategic alliances, strategic planning, innovation, business development, finance, marketing, sales management and managed care. In his most recent role, Rob led Merck’s strategic alliances with technology innovators/disruptors (e.g., Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft) where he conceptualized, initiated and drove multiple novel and innovative digital transformation initiatives. Rob has collaborated with countless health care stakeholders to shape and improve the delivery and quality of healthcare in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. Rob is a graduate of Rutgers University where he was a Henry Rutgers Scholar.

Susan Aroyan
Healthcare and Life Sciences Analytics Lead
Susan Aroyan brings 28 years of experience from the life sciences industry and has been focused on bringing new technologies to the drug development process. Susan currently leads the GTM efforts for Healthcare and Lifesciences Analytics at AWS and supports a vast eco-system of GTM partner collaborations. Prior to AWS Susan progressed through a variety of roles in sales, business development and product development at Pfizer, FDA, Capgemini, and more recently worked with several investors and startups to assist with their commercialization of products.

Adam Sinensky – Moderator
Senior Director, Life Sciences Product Strategy
Adam has 15+ years experience in the healthcare industry across management consulting for the Life Sciences industry as well as product and operations roles for healthcare IT organizations across Provider, Payer and Life Sciences. In his current role as Group Product Manager, Life Sciences, for Innovaccer, Adam leads the overall product strategy and product execution for Innovaccer’s Life Sciences market solutions.

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