The Difelikefalin PIE Webinar will include an overview of chronic kidney disease–associated pruritus (CKD-aP), including prevalence, medical and economic burden of disease, and current treatment landscape, as well as key clinical data about the use of difelikefalin in hemodialysis patients with moderate-to-severe CKD-aP. (As difelikefalin is currently under investigation, the safety and effectiveness have not been established for the treatment of patients with moderate-to-severe CKD-aP who are receiving hemodialysis. This agent has not been approved by any regulatory agencies, including the FDA).


Kim Coppom, Executive Director, Head of US Managed Markets, Vifor Pharma, Inc.

This webinar is only offered to payers, formulary committees, or other similar entities responsible for the selection of drugs for coverage or reimbursement. In order to join this webinar, you must be registered as a payer with FormularyDecisions.

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