Intended Audience: HIV prevention and treatment team members-including physicians, NPs/PAs, pharmacists, nurses, and case managers-in infectious disease and primary care settings

The concept that people with HIV who have maintained viral suppression cannot sexually transmit HIV, or “undetectable = untransmittable” (“U=U”), has been a transformative and empowering message in recent years. However, achieving viral suppression is not an equally attainable goal for all people with HIV. Disparities in healthcare access, structural and socioeconomic marginalization, and stigma pose significant barriers in different ways across different patient groups. Don’t miss this unique live webinar featuring:

  • Firsthand accounts from patients sharing their journeys
  • Practice insights and lessons learned from national experts
  • Actionable counseling strategies, interventions, and resources to support patients on the path to “U=U”

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