How are healthcare systems looking differently at their population to deliver better care and what does this mean for future decision-making? How might the NHS re-imagine the hospital? What benefits can we expect from novel technologies, and can the NHS develop system resilience to improve healthcare outcomes?

Dr Phil Webb (Chief Executive of Respiratory Innovation Wales) will be joining Tom Clarke (Director, Mtech Access) to explore all this and more in our live webinar on Friday 17th September at 2.00 pm. Importantly, this episode will explore specific examples of how the Welsh Healthcare System is pushing itself to better care for the people it serves and where the obstacles to delivering change lie.

In our September #WhispersWordsofWisdom webinar, Tom Clarke will be joined by Dr Phil Webb to explore how NHS healthcare systems are looking differently at their population and how they deliver care. Re-imagining the hospital, investing in novel technologies, and developing system resilience to improve healthcare outcomes will all be explored.

Phil will also share specific examples of change in the Welsh Healthcare System. As Chief Executive of Respiratory Innovation Wales, Phil has a remit for re-imagining care for people across Wales. He previously held roles within the Welsh Healthcare System responsible for Innovation and Service Development, and has commissioned services at national and local levels. Also having worked in Industry, Phil’s academic background includes health economics, epidemiology, statistics, and a doctorate in molecular biology.

As such, we are excited to hear Phil’s perspective on everything from driving innovation in the NHS to the obstacles facing NHS systems, and how Pharma and Medtech can best help. This webinar is a must-see for anyone with an interest in how care systems are evolving further and faster than we could imagine, not just in Wales and respiratory care, but across all clinical and geographic areas.

We are excited to welcome Phil to the Whispers’ Words of Wisdom webinar series.

We invite you to put your questions to Phil in this session. Please suggest a question when you register, or email your questions to Register now to join us for the webinar.

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