Using RWD to Target Care Disparities in Cancer

February 8, 2021

Despite attempts to reduce or eliminate disparities in healthcare, these gaps continue to exist. When it comes to cancer, socioeconomic disparities increased even while the overall death rate decreased substantially. The ERACE (Engaging Research to Achieve Cancer Care Equality) initiative seeks to use RWD (real world data) to address these disparities by creating a comprehensive cancer registry. This effort may aid in other serious diseases where disparities remain inadequately addressed.

According to Erica Warner of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, “We’re trying to ask more nuanced questions about mechanisms so that we can point to interventions. The aim is to ultimately be able to do something that reduces observed disparities in cancer incidents and mortality.” Learn more here.

(Jessica Kent, HealthITAnalytics, 12/8/20)

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