Turning Interoperability Talk into Action

April 24, 2023

Despite significant public and private efforts, healthcare IT systems are usually not interoperable, impacting patient care, reimbursement, and research alike. As a result, real action is needed to turn ongoing discussions about interoperability into action. One way forward may be focusing on application with the people who use the systems most.

According to Joe Ganley, “One of the best ways to understand the state of a technology product is to talk to the people who actually use it. And it turns out, if we stop and listen to America’s clinicians, we will hear that no doctor or nurse in America uses the word “interoperability”. They spend little or no time thinking about which data standard is used to send information from point A to point B, which national network facilitated the exchange if at all, or whether some obscure government regulation (or exception) applies to the transaction.”

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(Source: Managed Healthcare Executive, April 24th, 2023)

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