The Case for Prescription Drug Price Transparency: Listen to Patients and Providers

March 3, 2021

Although recent regulations require healthcare systems to provide pricing information, there is no standardized method to do so. With these changes in transparency come new technologies that allow providers to access real-time pricing data, allowing for easily accessible information. Patients are increasingly demanding pricing information. Knowing the cost of prescription drugs early in the course of treatment may even reduce medication noncompliance and lead to improved outcomes. Providers save time and provide better care when equipped with such information.

“It is clear that prescription price transparency is a necessary – and soon-to-be mandated – capability. But while many organizations have implemented prescription price transparency solutions, not all are created equal.  It is essential that healthcare leaders consider the scope of the data being shown to understand if they have vast or partial patient coverage connectivity, as well as the accuracy of the data, to know if they are displaying patient-specific prices or general pricing estimates.” Read more here.

(Source: RxRevu, 1/22/21)

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