A Discussion with Paul Perreault of CSL Limited on COVID-19

March 1, 2021

Paul Perreault is CEO and Managing Director of CSL Limited, a top three global biotech company. He was invited to share his insights regarding COVID-19 and how his company has been able to adjust to the pandemic. CSL helped to establish the CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance to develop immune therapies and partnered with AstraZeneca to manufacture doses of its vaccine, among other advances and collaborations. At the same time, Perreault stresses CSL’s commitment to patients with rare disease.

Perreault notes, “The current pandemic is certainly one of the worst global health care crises we’ve experienced in our lifetime, but we’ve also seen over the past year what can happen when people across the scientific community, government, academia and industry work together in new ways.” He adds, “The role of science in solving problems has been highlighted like never before and I think this crisis has shown us that we are more resilient and adaptable than we ever imagined ourselves to be.” Learn more here.

(Source: Stephen Ubl, The Catalyst, PhRMA, 2/24/21)


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